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Bugalow Backyard Relandscaping
Date: Wednesday, November 07 @ 08:23:10
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After two years of nothing but a mud pit for our back yard we finally got a landscaper to take on our project. In October and November, we had our back yard re-lanscaped, including significant hardscape, new plants and new sod.

The new hardscape consists of a new patio area, a low rock wall with seating area, and new agregate walkways. The project included moving several large plants as well as several new additions. The grass was replaced with sod, and the arbor was moved from the gate area to back. Crushed rock was used to make a storage area next to the dog run, out of sight of the main patio. Bamboo was placed behind the seating wall; this will eventually spread and grow upwards to screen the area from the alley and the neighbors.

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