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Highline CC Boat Trip
Date: Monday, June 30 @ 08:40:47
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We attended the Highline Community College Benefit Auction this year. One of the items that our group bid on was a day trip around Puget Sound in a 50ft (or so) cabin cruiser including snacks and some delightful company. Steve, Jemima, Stephanie and I met our host on the northeast side of Commencement bay. After getting underway, we picked Mark up, from his Vashon Island home.
Mark and Bill on the jetski

We had our host take us through the Tacoma Narrows, to the south side of Fox Island where we met up with Bill on his Jet ski. We each got to take a ride on the new jetski, and then headed into the beach for a little shore leave, crashing the party Bill and Patti were hosting! All went well, and we headed back to Commencement Bay in the late afternoon.

We would definitely recommend this trip/item if it comes up for auction again. Thanks Steve, and thanks to our hosts for a wonderful day out on the waters of Puget Sound.

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