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More Nikon/Nikkor Lens Problems: 18-200mm Autofocus motor fails
Date: Tuesday, July 08 @ 08:54:29
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When we went down to Tallships Fourth of July weekend, I found that my one year old lens, an 18-200mm ED-IF AF-S DX VR Nikkor, wasn't working right. The Autofocus wasn't working correctly: the motor seemed to not be functioning at all (I eventually confirmed that it was the lens, and not the camera). Once again manual focus worked fine, so I still took a handful of pictures.

Although I bought it online at Pictureline, my local store, Abolins Photography, took care of shipping it back to Nikon. Within a couple of weeks, my lens was back and working correctly. Cheers to Abolins Photography for helping me out, I was sorry to hear today that they will be closing their doors.

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